New You Clinic

Award winning skin & beauty clinic.

New website for an award winning skin & beauty clinic to improve reach and conversion rate.

New You Clinic

Our client was heavily relying on social media to get bookings until they learned about the power of SEO.

Our client, New You Skin and Beauty Clinic, initially heavily relied on social media for bookings until discovering the transformative power of SEO. Recognizing the untapped potential, we strategically leveraged a fully optimized website and implemented effective SEO strategies. An optimized website not only enhances online visibility but also attracts a more targeted audience actively seeking beauty and skincare services. By tapping into the power of SEO, New You Skin and Beauty Clinic turned their website into a powerful booking engine and are now fostering sustainable growth in their customer base.


Developing an extensive funnel with an efficient booking system.

Our objective was to construct an expansive sales funnel for our client utilizing SEO strategies. We added many pages optimized for SEO, carefully chosen to grab the attention of potential clients in the area searching for related topics. On each of these pages we implement a seamless and user-friendly booking form, strategically positioned to capture potential business.

Our approach opens up a new stream of revenue for our client. SEO is a long-term, efficient solution to win business from  a targeted audience actively seeking your services. 


Businesses who ignore SEO are often leaving huge sums of revenue on the table.

When we develop SEO strategies for our clients, they quickly realise that they should have done it sooner. Imagine a crowd of people are standing outside your bakery in search of bread, but you don’t have a sign up. A business without SEO is often in a similar situation. 

There are probably large quantities of people searching for your goods or services online, but without making yourself seen on search engines, you’re competition are winning that business every time.

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