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Branding and web development for one of Dublin's leading warehousing & logistics companies.

CHS Logistics

We helped our client improve their reach with a new website and a strong brand targeting modern shippers.

In the ever-changing landscape of shipping and distribution, our client’s journey toward expanding their reach took a significant leap with the introduction of a new website and a robust brand tailored to captivate modern shippers.

The rise of e-commerce and other emerging phenomena has reshaped the dynamics of the shipping industry. With consumers increasingly relying on online platforms for their purchasing needs, modern shippers are those who adeptly navigate this evolving terrain. Our collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing their digital presence align seamlessly with the demands of this dynamic environment. The new website and compelling brand not only position our client as a relevant player in the modern shipping arena but also equip them to thrive amid the challenges and opportunities presented by the shifting paradigms in the world of distribution and logistics.


We conducted thorough market research, refined their brand message, and crafted a completely new visual identity.

Our efforts began with comprehensive market research, providing valuable insights into industry trends and consumer preferences. We then refined their brand message, logo, and brand identity, ensuring it resonates effectively with the target audience. 

In logistics, some companies find themselves stuck in traditional practices, hesitant to embrace the transformative power of a strong brand. There exists a reluctance to break away from the status quo, hindering their ability to stand out in a competitive market. Those who recognize the importance of keeping pace with the evolving world of branding are the ones poised for success. In an era where consumers increasingly seek meaningful connections, a distinctive brand becomes a crucial differentiator. 


CHS Logistics is now reaping the rewards of improved reach and brand recognition.

Our client is already seeing the benefits of their investment. The strategic efforts invested in expanding their reach have yielded tangible benefits, enabling the company to connect with a broader audience. The emphasis we put on improving brand recognition has proven successful, fostering a stronger presence in the market. This dual approach not only brings about immediate advantages, such as increased visibility and engagement but also sets the stage for sustained growth.

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